Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ratboys - 'Alien with a Sleep Mask On'

Funneling the feel-good sounds of Sixpence None the Richer with the much more secular alt-rock affections of Letters to Cleo, Ratboys have created a heck of a bop with their single, 'Alien with a Sleep Mask On.'  I can easily imagine early-nineties Liz Phair taking a crack at this one back in her indie heyday.  

Ratboys claim Chicago as their homebase.  They have been on the scene since 2012, when Swerp Records released their debut EP.  The band has evolved throughout the years, originally starting out as an acoustic outfit, while incrementally adding electric distortion and fuzz to subsequent productions.  

You can listen to 'Alien with a Sleep Mask On,' the opening track from 2020's Printer's Devil, in the YouTube player below:

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