Sunday, December 27, 2020

Weyes Blood - 'Wild Time'

For those who appreciate Joni Mitchell, 'Wild Time' by Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) may be right up their alley.  Equal parts chamber pop and folk, the track's sirenesque vocals surreptitiously lull the listener into spurious bliss.  Yet its choral hook all too quickly reminds the listener of the tragedy and chaos 2020 wrought.  

Although 'Wild Time' was released on Sub Pop Records by way of Mering's Titantic Rising in 2019 (a full year before COVID-19 had infected its first human host, and America's original sin of racism was confirmed to have never truly been exorcised from the nation ala the death of George Floyd), the song's lyrics and foreboding spirit could not have been more prophetic or representative of the current milieu:

"Living in the rising tide

Our light, a feeling that's moving

Runnin' on a million people burnin'

Don't cry, it's a wild time to be alive

It already happened

Nothing you want to change more

Heaven found and the lights went down

Everyone's broken now and no one knows just how

We could have all gotten so far from truth"

You can play the enchanting 'Wild Time' in the video player below.  (Note:  The video may be NSFW due to some scenes depicting artistic nudity). 

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