Sunday, March 27, 2022

Broadcast - 'Come On Let's Go'

I recently finished watching the HBO Limited Series Scenes From a Marriage. To say the show is an emotional upheaval is a massive understatement. Although I can't say I am too satisfied with the story arc's final conclusion, I will say that both Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac pitch a brilliant acting performance that masterfully portrays the exacting tolls of matrimony.  

In the series finale, a brief snippet of the space age pop song 'Come On Let's Go' by Broadcast is subtly featured in the background of a scene leading up to a big reveal.  The result is a wonderfully curated soundtrack which effectively captures the mood of the moment.  

This cinematic occasion inspired me to look more into the band.  It turns out that Broadcast was formed in England in the mid-90s.  They tended to create psychedelic electronica rooted in a mid century modern style. (Sort of in the same vein as 'Female of the Species' by Space).  In other words, if the universe of Mad Men had a house band, Broadcast very likely could have been it.  

Their magna opus is The Noise Made by People, which contains the aforementioned 'Come on Let's Go.'  'Echo's Answer' is another track on the LP, which is a less melodic and more detached offering. 'Unchanging Window' seems to borrow drummer boy rhythms from Bowie, but maybe that comparison is a forced one only because D.B. literally sang about Life on Mars?

Anyhow, the entirety of The Noise Made By People is well worth a spin, but if you want a solid introduction to the splendor of the group, definitely start with 'Come On Let's Go,' which you can stream in the player below.  

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