Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Foos Draft A Pair Of Jones' For New Album

For their upcoming double album, the Foo Fighters have enlisted the musical prowess of both Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones and Norah Jones in the way of special appearances. The new record is a double disc, with one CD dedicated to more acoustic sounds and the other dedicated to a more upbeat, raucous vibe.

"We've recorded a lot of music for this record," guitarist Chris
Shiflett writes on the Foos'
message board. "It's over 40 songs or versions of songs. Of course, that'll get narrowed down to about half of that number for the final track list."

And although the Foo's will not release this two-headed monster until summer, fans of Dave Grohl can hear him drumming on Nine Inch Nails's new album, White Teeth, due out May 3.

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