Monday, February 07, 2005

Scissor Sisters Cross Atlantic for Attempt at Mass Success

In a strategy previously employed by Jimi Hendrix and Blondie, US band Scissor Sisters have been reaching out to their UK fans in an attempt to achieve super stardom. The band has sold 150,000 in the US while selling 1.6 million records in Britain.

"Puritans founded America while the pagans stayed in England," co-singer Ana Matronic told music magazine Blender. "No wonder we're popular over there!"

Perhaps red staters in the middle part of the country find Jake Shears' pink feather boa a hard pill to swallow? In any event, the Scissor Sisters rock the casbah (at least in this author's mind), and their album should be considered one of the best in pop for 2004.

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