Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blossoming Artist Mike Borgia

We at the Lonely Note were recently made aware of Mike Borgia. I've included 'Let You Down,' and an excerpt from his press release lies below:

Mike Borgia is about to release his 4th album – Issues to Egos. Originally from New York City, Mike is living in Raleigh, NC but has plans of moving to Chicago in the near future. His music is smart, catchy, and well put together- definitely worth listening to. Taking inspiration from Chris Whitley and Jeff Buckley, but also early metal such as Metallica and Slayer, Mike's music is often compared with that of Death Cab for Cutie, Elvis Costello and of course, Jeff Buckley.

Playing music to pay for college, it was only a hobby then, but today believes strongly it is really what he was destined to do. Graduating with a perfect 4.0 and a degree in Business and Marketing, he felt he would be doing that instead of strumming his guitar and swooning the world with his lyrics. Fortunately for us, Mike realized he hated the whole suit and tie deal. "Being quite the non-conformist, I learned a lot about the 9-5 world and how vacuous it can be. I stopped listening to my parents and gave my life to music."

And thankfully for us he did. You can find out more about Mike by visiting his official website.

Mike Borgia - 'Let You Down'

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