Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Girl Sues Buckcherry, Alleges Coercion

In a lawsuit recently filed by a 16-year-old Jane Doe, the plaintiff alleges Buckcherry served her shots of alcohol and then lured her to a club where she was coerced into "making a pornographic video." The band had posted a notice on the teen-frequented Myspace for fans to attend the shoot, offering free food and alcohol.

Buckcherry's attorney Skip Miller has defended the band, claiming the girl forged her age on a release form, claiming to be 18. The plaintiff maintains she was never asked to provide her age.

In June, the plaintiff's mother had called Atlantic, Buckcherry's record label, in an attempt to halt the release of the lewd video her daughter was involved in. However, it was released anyway.

The lawsuit's main complaint is that the airing of the video caused the teen emotional distress.

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