Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 9/12/06

There has always been a consistency problem with Ted's Song of the Week, but it never fails that I make up for it by throwing a bevy of music at the readers from time to time. On this occasion, I decided to use a theme to introduce the latest in my listening.

When I'm not busy doing my day job and/or listening to music, I watch a ton of movies. My tastes in film are similar to that of my music, which is to say diverse and weird at times. That being said, my latest songs of the week will focus on the soundtracks of some movies I have watched over the years. Some of the movies were great and some were only slightly alright, but the music that accompanied these films are solid gold in my collection. As always, enjoy!

Trainspotting OST

First and foremost, Trainspotting ranks up there on my top ten list. Despite its disturbing subject material and colorful dialogue, the movie is a masterpiece of life on the other side of the tracks. A pre-Star Wars Ewan McGregor plays Renton, a drug-addled protagonist, who finds that kicking a heroin addiction is harder than it seems. Already sounds like something to watch with the family, doesn't it?

The Trainspotting soundtrack is already stellar with the contributions of icons like
Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, but one of my favorite songs would have to be Sleeper's cover of the Blondie classic "Atomic." It comes on during one of my favorite scenes when Renton decides to pursue and seduce a mystery girl in the discotheque.

Sleeper - Atomic

Maybe Tomorrow
Crash OST

One of the best films of 2005 benefited from the second greatest closing song ever. Best closing song honors go to Orbital's "Halcyon + On + On" off of the campy video game film Mortal Kombat. However, "Maybe Tomorrow" does a fantastic job of summing up the spirit of this film with its optimistic attitude that things can get better.

"Maybe Tomorrow" has also been featured on the Wicker Park soundtrack, but since I haven't seen that film, I cannot honestly say if the song was utilized to its fullest potential. It probably doesn't matter, because the song is just that good.

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Talk Show Host
Romeo + Juliet OST

(sigh) Not one of my greatest choices in film-watching, but certainly not my worst. Baz Luhrmann does possess the unique talent of creating movies that are unlike any films being made in Hollywood. Moulin Rouge is a prime example of this observation.

Leo was launched into super-stardom with his performance in Titanic, he played the infatuated Romeo to Claire Danes' Juliet. While these starcrossed lovers battled the odds to be together, they were fortunate to have Radiohead contribute an excellent B-side to the soundtrack.

"Talk Show Host" is a slightly depressing track, but it was placed well within the film, as it serves to create a desolate mood when Romeo mopes around the boardwalk.

Radiohead - Talk Show Host


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Reel Fanatic said...

Trainspotting is that rare combination of a great movie and an even better soundtrack .. The only better combo I can think of offhand is Pulp Fiction