Sunday, February 21, 2021

Doves - 'Catch the Sun'

Ever have that song which is such a big part of the personal soundtrack of your life; but then, with no warning, it inexplicably fades into your subconscious?  

Up and until that juncture, you may have played the song several times a day for weeks at a time;  you may have even put it on a couple of mix CD-Rs or MP3 compilations that you handed out to others.  Then, for reasons you're not quite certain of, the song faded into personal obscurity, just like the vivid dream you can no longer remember the details of five minutes after you wake up.  

'Catch the Sun' by Doves is my very own sonic feverdream.  When I was in college, I discovered the British band by listening incessantly to the now-defunct XM Radio Station Ethel.  Ethel was a station that broadcast a perfect blend of Britpop-inspired alternative rock, along with the proto-indie rock native to the aughts.  Ethel introduced me to other solid Britrock bands like Ash and Catherine Wheel, yet, unlike Doves, those bands never left my immediate awareness.  

During 'Catch the Sun's' prime on my personal playlist, I distinctly remember queueing the track on my headphones as I made the quarter-mile trek from my residence to the lecture halls on central campus. I found it subtly uplifting and stirring.  If I was in an anxious mood as I readied myself to be in the same room as fifty other high strung university students, 'Catch the Sun's'' assured chorus always brought me back to center.   

Then, at some point in approximately 2002, 'Catch the Sun,'--and the rest of Doves' repertoire--slid out of my rotation for reasons unexplained.  Maybe it was because Ethel stopped playing them on the radio?  Or maybe I was distracted by another shiny, musical object? 

Earlier this evening, I was cooking Sunday dinner while listening to the Indie 1.0 station on the since-rebranded SiriusXM.  (Indie 1.0 is the spiritual successor to Ethel).  Lo and behold, Indie 1.0 transmitted the opening, but prescient, lyrics to 'Catch the Sun:'  

"Everyday it comes to this / Catch the things you might have missed."  

At that moment I couldn't help but thinking my life had suddenly come full circle.  And I felt like I had been reunited with an old friend I didn't realize how much I missed or needed.

Stream 'Catch the Sun' by Doves in the music player below:

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