Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ambulance LTD - 'Sugar Pill'

Working a late shift tonight, I decided to listen to some “old” favorites on my iPod. Ambulance LTD’s April 2004 debut was one such choice album I decided to tune in to. In my opinion, I'd have to say LP is one of last year's greatest discs. In fact, AMG reviewer Tim Sendra seems to agree with its importance to the world of rock and roll when he describes it as a “guided tour through the last 20 years of guitar rock.”

While songs like ‘Ophelia’ and ‘Swim’ are enough to help Stella get her groove back, my favorite cut off this particular selection is ‘Sugar Pill.’ I am not sure if it’s the Smiths-esque opening guitar or the neo-psychadelic vocals of hobo look-alike Marcus Congleton. All I know, though, is that as soon as the first measure of the chorus hits my ears I become a very happy man.

Listen for yourself below:

Ambulance LTD - 'Sugar Pill'

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Anonymous said...

Sugar Pill sounded like the background music for a cardiac procedure, building in intensity to a steady heartbeat of recognition of life ahead. Sugar pills have always been associated with a placebo effect, more imagined than real, but in fact the emotions are more important than the physical. Music invokes in someone a healing effect that can not be touched with medicine. I am still amazed at how much more enjoyable the site is with the audio stream. Thanks!