Monday, October 10, 2005

Story of the Year - In the Wake of Determination

Story of the Year - In the Wake of Determination
3.5 out of 5 stars

Story of the Year may not conjure thoughts of rough and tough, but on their sophomore effort In the Wake of Determination the St. Louis based band sounds more like Papa Roach than they do Dashboard Confessional. All previous associations with the weak and cheesy mall-punk scene evident on their debut Page Avenue are no longer prevalent. Instead, the band seems to emulate The Used in order to create more of a methodic metal sound.

In the Wake is by far brasher than its predecessor. While Page Avenue may have provided the perfect emo soundscape for deep introspection, this new disc spawns a soundtrack more appropriate for a fast night out on the town. It is likely that this sophomore effort may alienate fans of the band’s original sound, but it is just as likely Story of the Year have gained just as many new ones with this new musical course.

Sample 'Pay Your Enemy' below:

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