Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Killers Release Another Edition of Hot Fuss

I dig The Killers, but they are really starting to annoy me with their recent marketing ploys. Not only did they release an expanded version of their debut Hot Fuss, featuring more songs than the original pressing a few months ago, but now they are releasing a boxed set of the same album. Meant as a collector's album for "true" fans, the boxed version will be limited to only 5000 copies worldwide and will feature 7" vinyls for each song on the album. Each single is complimented with a cover, rarity or b-side.

To be made available for purchase November 22, here is the track listing for the box (with the B-sides included):

'Jenny Was a Friend of Mine' / 'Somebody Told Me' (Josh Harris remix)
'Mr. Brightside' / 'Under the Gun'
'Smile Like You Mean It' / 'Show You How'
'Somebody Told Me' / 'The Ballad of Michael Valentine'
'All These Things That I've Done' / 'Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself'
'Andy, You're a Star' / 'Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town'
'On Top' / 'Mr. Brightside' (Thin White Duke remix)
'Change Your Mind' / 'Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll'
'Believe Me Natalie' / 'Smile Like You Mean It' (acoustic)
'Midnight Show' / 'Who Let You Go'
'Everything Will Be Alright' / 'Get Trashed'


Anonymous said...

hmm....maybe instead of digging up new ways to sell old music, they could write some new music??

Anonymous said...

hm....a week since a new post.....hiatus, eh?