Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Pin Drops at the Lonely Note---And You Can Hear It

OK. It's been silent at the Lonely Note lately. As a graduate student I’ve spent less time listening to bands like Socratic and more time studying Socrates’ opposition to the Sophists instead---more time examining Cicero’s Pro Milone and less time jamming out to Beck’s ‘E-Pro’---more time performing manual usability tests and less time absorbing The Used. You catch my drift…and unfortunately, my lame play on words.

In order to give our dedicated readers some sort of fodder to chew on until the rest of us have more free time, here are some tunes I’ve been listening to as of late. Enjoy:

Type O Negative – ‘Creepy Green Light’

Appropriate and festive Halloween themed song

All-American Rejects – ‘Move Along’

This song is delightfully catchy, despite the band's mall-punk preface

Franz Ferdinand – ‘You Could Have it So Much Better’
Title track is one of the rowdiest songs on the dance-rock band’s sophomore effort

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