Friday, July 14, 2006

Cornell's side project

Rock icon Chris Cornell has been balancing a hectic schedule lately. If it isn't enough that his group Audioslave has an album due for release on September 12, the singer has also ventured forth into the culinary and fashion worlds. Add his second bout with fatherhood to the mix and one may get a brief glimpse of how much this guy is capable of. Apparently, Cornell wants to add another activity to his agenda by releasing a second solo album.

In an interview with AOL Music News, Cornell discussed the possible directions this new solo album may go.

When I did the first [solo album] there was definitely a bit of surprise, because people expected it was going to be more in the vein of acoustic, and it wasn't, really. I feel like the songs for this second one may be more in that direction.

While the prospect of a new Cornell solo album is exciting, the singer has indicated that a release will not clash with Audioslave's forthcoming album.

This record comes out in September, and I don't really want the two to be fighting.

For further Cornell news, check out Steve's post on the first time Cornell went solo.

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Steve said...

This is awesome news. May the steel rain live on!