Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Visit to Taliesin

Yesterday, I took a daytrip to Wisconsin to tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin. Wright, often credited as the greatest of American architects, spent a good part of his life building, rebuilding, and remodeling the home/studio. Resting on the brow of a high hill outside the small town of Spring Green, less than an hour from Madison, Taliesin was Wright's architectural experiment, and allowed him an abundance of creative freedom.

It is truly remarkable to find oneself walking around inside of Wright's mind. Here was a man so deeply immersed in his work that it often feels his designs leave nothing to be accounted for. His concepts of organic architecture can easily be seen at Taliesin, which moves harmoniously with the landscape rather than simply resting upon it.

In recognition of my excursion, and by the suggestion of my traveling companion, I'm including an audiopost of the Simon and Garfunkel classic, 'So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright.' Coming off of S&G's highly-successful final album, 1970's Bridge Over Troubled Water, this track seemed befitting for a leisurely drive through the hills on a wet summer day.

Simon & Garfunkel - 'So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright'

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Anonymous said...

In 1971 I wrote a script for a sound slide presentation on aging and had the opportunity to include S&G's "Bookends" and "SLFLR" as background music. I then felt their music was perhaps some of the best lyrical music on record. It still describes a serenity and introspection that is valuable in everyday life. This was one of the best and most spontaneous blogs of your career. You are to be commended highly for your work.