Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kasabian Vs. The Automatic

In yet another feud between bands, The Automatic have responded to Kasabian's recent ill-hearted statements against them by calling Kasabian "pathetic:"

Asked what acts he hated, Pennie (keyboardist for The Automatic) told The Barfly: “Well I’m not going to be as pathetic as Kasabian and slag other bands off… there’s just no need for it."

Last week, Kasabian
cursed the music industry and called The Automatic "horrible," Pete Doherty a "fucking tramp," and continued to lay down insults about a couple of other bands. Kasabian's tirade against these bands stemmed from frustration at the British music scene for being too depressing, negative, and miserable.

Now if only Brandon Flowers would say something mean about Kasabian, we could have a grudge match that spanned the transatlantic!

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