Sunday, October 17, 2010

Caught On Tape: Gorillaz - 'El Mañana' (Live in Harlem)

Gorillaz have been around for a few years. In fact, Damon Albarn (of Blur fame) and his animated band has scored multiple smash hits, from their very first single, "Clint Eastwood" (2001), all the way up to their current album, Plastic Beach (2010).

The band's 2005 LP, Demon Days, famously delivered "Feel Good Inc." and "Dare" - two of the group's catchiest and most popular singles-to-date. Those singles helped propel Demon Days to sell more than 10 million copies.

But if you're still a casual Gorillaz fan such as myself - one who hasn't followed every nuance of the fictional band's storyline as it's unraveled - it's quite possible you overlooked one of Gorillaz' most well-written tracks, "El Mañana".

Released in the U.K. as Demon Days' fourth and final single, "El Mañana" was accompanied by a stunning, full-budget music video by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett.

The video follows Noodle, the band's guitarist, as her peaceful life on a flying island is suddenly attacked by fighter helicopters. The video is a continuation to the plotline of "Feel Good, Inc." and a precursor to "On Melancholy Hill".

Hewlett's lush animation captures both the melody and pain in Albarn's lyrics and the video is as intense as the original song is understated.

Below is a video of "El Mañana" performed by Gorillaz in Harlem, NYC. The song's original music video can be seen paired together with Albarn and an orchestra of live musicians.

It might just be one of the best Gorillaz songs you never heard.

For more on Gorillaz, visit the band's official website.

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