Friday, January 22, 2021

Sylvan Esso - 'Ferris Wheel'

Grammy-nominated Indie-pop duo, Sylvan Esso, returned in 2020 with their third full-length album, Free Love.

Elements of folk, indie-pop and electronica are continually front and center in the group's music, as highlighted in the single, "Ferris Wheel".

Allmusic's James Monger described the album as " music for introverts", which is pretty spot-on.  There's something charmingly awkward and genuine in the songs here.

The video for "Ferris Wheel" finds singer-songwriter Amelia Meath at a carnival, dancing in a variety of outfits in front of--you guessed it--a giant ferris wheel.  It's a video full of fireworks and glitter and neon and the sweat of summer at the amusement park. 

The lyrical content is fairly straightforward, but the coming-of-age nostalgia for simpler times resonates strongly in a year when everything has been anything but simple.

"When I'm slamming in my dancing shoes, Asphalt's hot, and my knees all bruised, It's the summer got a lot to prove, Can't wait to do it can you? (No!)"

Watch the video for Sylvan Esso's "Ferris Wheel" below:

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