Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Green Day to Run 'American Idiot' Into the Ground

American Idiot has sold roughly 4 million copies since its initial release almost one year ago. In fact, for every Clear Channel Kiss station you turn into you are bound to encounter either 'Holiday' or 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' within a 60 minute listening period. Yet, despite the saturation of the pop-punk super album on top 40 radio, Green Day, themselves, claim they still aren't exhausted of the recording:

But isn't the group tired of "American Idiot," which has sold 3.8 million copies in the United States, even just a little? "No," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tells without hesitation. "I was just listening to the record today, to tell you the truth [laughs]. I'm really proud of this record. Because there's so much content in it, I think that's why it still has legs."

With MTV VMA nominations and further tour dates on the docket, the band seems quite content to ride out Idiot's success as long as the album continues to have momentum---despite how burned out on it the many of us may seem to be.

So, what about a new album?:

...Armstrong has a head start as far as that's concerned, admitting he has "about 15 new songs" in the hopper already. "Right now, it's that no-pressure/fun stage of just getting on a four-track and coming up with some goofy stuff," he says. "Eventually, something sort of unfolds. It's exciting. The juices are always flowing."

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