Monday, July 18, 2005

Gretchen Wilson Single Takes Ringtone Route

The latest in the recent convergence of pop music and technology, another artist has chosen to release their single first via cellphone ringtone:

Cingular Wireless customers are the first to hear the latest single from Gretchen Wilson. The country artist's "All Jacked Up," the title cut of Wilson's forthcoming sophomore, is available as a ringtone via the wireless carrier's Cingular Sounds program before it can be heard on radio or purchased in any other format.

Wilson's single is the second to bow via Cingular's exclusive ringtone program, following Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" in April. The initiative has offered exclusive post-release ringtones from Gwen Stefani's Interscope album "Love, Angel, Music, Baby."

Woo hoo for Cingular customers. Boy, do I sure envy them...considering how much I like country music and all. I really think this whole ringtone craze is rather ridiculous. Listening to music blare through your tiny cellphone speaker is kind of like having your overzealous friend call you from the Slayer concert he's attending. He holds his phone up to the band, and all you can make out on the other end is a loud cackle of static. Honestly, if you absolutely can't wait until 'All Jacked Up' hits the stores and radio airwaves to the point you feel the need to pay for the rights to download it as a ringtone, perhaps you should have your musical tastes reassesed.

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