Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Homeless Person: Marcus Congleton

Quite a few underground music news publications have been having field days lately ripping on the not-so-pretty performers at Coney Island's Siren Festival that occurred over the weekend. However, when it comes to Ambulance LTD's Marcus Congleton, Spin magazine, in particular, has bestowed upon him the not-so-great label of Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Homeless Person:

Marcus Congleton, the emaciated singer and guitarist of beloved indie band Ambulance Ltd., may have a model-worthy face, but his dirty wife-beater and stringy hair made him look like he should have been begging for change on the seaside instead of fronting a band. Luckily, Congleton's singing voice didn't seem to be affected by the dirt as he led Ambulance through a tight set that mixed old favorites with a few new songs. One promising new track was entitled "Somalia," maybe because Congleton currently empathizes with its inhabitants.

The last I checked, the more homeless looking an artist, the better his/her music was. Does the grunge music explosion ring any bells?? Tell ya what Spin, how 'bout you stick to covering music, and we'll leave the male fashion tips to GQ.

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Andrea Magenheimer said...

this was a long while ago, but I very much agree that music mags should just be covering the MUSIC.