Monday, July 04, 2005

Steve's Retro Song of the Week: Third Eye Blind - '1000 Julys'

One of the issues that has come up with the phrase "retro song of the week" here at the Lonely Note is what exactly constitutes "retro." For most of us, songs over thirty years old clearly fit within the bounds of the definition. But when it comes to newer songs, or songs within the last five to ten years, the parameters are slightly more sketchy. Can a song released in 1999 appropriately be filed under the title "retro?"

Combining my editing powers with my current festive mood (It's Independence Day, Duh!!) I made a creative decision that, yes, '1000 Julys' could, indeed, be called a retro song. After all, it was recorded and released last century ;) And while many of our short-lived readers may feel immediately old with this week's choice, I will remind them that six years ago folks were stockpiling canned goods in preparation of Y2K disasters, the World Trade Center towers stood proudly and Fred Durst was all the rage. In other words, a lot has changed in a relatively short time.

All tongue-in-cheek banter aside, '1000 Julys' was one of the stand out tracks on Third Eye Blind's follow up to their 1997 smash debut. With powerful, crunchy guitar, grunge's lingering influence on the band is apparent in this particular tune. Steven Jenkins, an English grad from Berkeley, again fails to disappoint with his powerful and profound lyrics dealing with relationships and personal insecurity:

I'd say the words but no words come to mind
But you let me in and I don't know why
But when you come it's like a thousand julys

Overall, this song blitzkriegs while providing the hooky guitar and beach-rockesque harmonization unique to the band at the same time. Sure, the song could also fall under the cheesy category, but cheesy in the same way Kirk Cameron was on Growing Pains: the bad boy and All-American boy at the same time.

Have a great 4th of July folks!!
Planning my attack just before you come back around
Maybe I'm wrong but I don't know how to back down
I never fit in you know I don't belong
But you know that I don't care when you and me are strong
Cause I'm a vampire y'all
We toast the blood of our enemies
You're still scaring me no still scaring me no
And we don't fit in
Wonder what it's like when you're living with someone like me
I'm a freak and I'm nervous when it's easy
Feral days and I'm sex crazed
I put it in with my animal ways
That's the sign I was born to be living in
I ran around and gave the finger to the ritalin
You know you calm me down and I can't say why
You say goodbye and burn my eyes
A thousand july's
I hope you find
I'd give you the words but no words come to mind
But you turn me so cold so I tell you lies
When you let me in it's like a thousand julys
When you left I felt the drop like a boom
Wintertime all alone in your bedroom
I don't blame you and I know I'm not your friend
How we live young american
I guess I've always known I'd be on my own
I'd be on my own and I don't know why I don't know why
A thousand julys
I know you'll find
I'd say the words but no words come to mind
But you let me in and I don't know why
But when you come it's like a thousand julys
A thousand julys
That's what you are
I'd tell you to come back now but we've gone too far
And we've burned it out now
I don't even try
But I feel you gone
I lost a thousand julys

Third Eye Blind "Blue" torrent

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