Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Nicest Guy in Rock Still Feuding Love

According to a Spin article, Courtney Love and Dave Grohl are still at odds over who has the rights to Nirvana's earnings. Claiming that Grohl was "taking money from [her] child [Frances Bean]," Love continued to berate the grunge band's former drummer by calling him one of rock's "biggest jerks."

"Dave gets to walk away unscathed and be the happy guy in rock, when he's one of the biggest jerks," Love says in the August issue of Spin, on newsstands Friday. "He's been taking money from my child for years."

As for being the "nicest guy in rock," Grohl wonders where the title came from.

"I don't know. Because I don't do coke?" Grohl asks Spin. "I supposed it's not taking anything for granted and feeling lucky to be here.

As for my two cents, I personally think Courtney Love is a selfish, marginally-talented slob who is trying to get a piece of her deceased husband's pie before it goes to her daughter, Frances, once she turns 18.


Jessica said...

That's mean! I believe Francis (and Courtney... but you disagree) Deserves as much roality /"spoiledness" as Paris and Nicky Hilton the hotel Heiresses! Except Francis is probally kinder to people because the genius brain she got from Court and Kurt. Look how many fans Kurt has! He changed the whole world. And Courtney did too she is a influential female, that came from many homes/boarding schools in foster care during childhood, and made herself into a very well know successful Celebrity.
Dave has his own GREAT band now, and the songs sound a lot like he is singing about Kurt (blood shot eyes, beautiful veins...), is that record money not enough for Dave? Couldn't 1992-2000 money or whatever that Kurt involved in making be less than whatever Dave is making now? (oh probably not because i tunes gives the artist just a dollar per song, WHICH Courtney has already made apparent to the public.)
I don't even understand how coke makes you a nice person he must have been drunk when he made that statement.
He is just trying to make people hate her by mentioning drugs just all the other yuppie celebs that try to start stuff with Court.
Therefore Dave thinks people hating Courtney will make Foo Fighters bigger, because of the STUPID conspiracy theories.
But singing about drugs is making Dave Grohl money now? right? I don't like people being mean to Courtney because I was abused as a child and her Cd just happened to fall into my little-waiting-for-anything hands and it was what got me through that Hell. And still to this day no Cds will be my faves like hers.

Jessica said...

**Frances I can't believe I spelt her name wrong, jeez well its not like I really know them

Hey I really love your site that I found today.
but why not put some nice things about Courtney Love. :)