Monday, December 17, 2007

Caught On Tape: The Boys - "Crazy"

What a whirlwind of a night I've had with music videos! Ever since my recent post on Snow, I've felt compelled to reach back into the Pop/R&B recesses of my youth. Well, this evening I rediscovered alot of music (and video) I'd next to forgotten about.

Sorting through the vast archives of YouTube, I initially planned to post on Another Bad Creation's "Iesha" (which I might add, is still recommended viewing). But then, I came across The Boys.

If the name sounds familiar, you may recall their 1988 single "Dial My Heart." The group of four brothers were signed to
MCA around the time the company took over Motown. The Boys were a marketing dream: younger and more talented at singing and dancing than the competition.

With the success of boy bands like New Edition and NKOTB, record companies were eager to sign similar groups to score hits. Motown was looking for the next Jackson 5.

Under the legendary production of L.A. Reid and Babyface, The Boys made an industry splash which rippled into later child acts like Kris Kross, A.B.C., and Soul for Real.

From the beginning, The Boys were capable of writing and producing their own songs, so for their self-titled sophomore album, Reid and Babyface took a lesser role. The chart-hitting "Crazy" continued along the new jack swing vibe that was bringing many artists to the forefront of the music industry at the time.

"Crazy" finds The Boys playfully reenacting scenes from other famous music videos. From a spoof of
George Michael's "Faith," to a full on zombie dance, ala "Thriller," the video is actually quite amusing. However, the funniest part might be reserved for the NightTracks commentary at the very end...

For further reading about the musical journey of The Boys, click here.

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