Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ted's Song of the Week - 12/11/07

The Metal
Tenacious D
The Pick of Destiny

Not too long ago, I got swept up in the Guitar Hero craze that has made an impact on how people interact with their video games. I had played the first game in the series a couple times and it was right after South Park did their signature spoof on the game that I finally gave in and picked up Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock at the local Wal-Mart. The next couple of days were marked by the gentle clicking of the controller buttons and the occasional cursing streak when I missed a big solo.....

It was upon playing GH3 that I discovered "The Metal" for the first time. The track is located in "The Hottest Band On Earth" setlist. Overall, one of my favorite songs to play on the game. Even if "The Metal" bears the classic Tenacious D stamp of not taking itself seriously, it still ends up being a fairly respectable rock song with a vicious guitar riff that rivals the works of

I've always enjoyed Tenacious D's music, but I hadn't really invested much time in listening to their latest musical effort The Pick of Destiny. Obviously, I'm not their biggest fan because I hadn't even seen the
movie of the same title until a couple days ago, but to be honest, it looked kind of stupid to begin with. I wasn't far off with the cinematic critique, but the music still turned out to be entertaining. Either way, you can get a taste of "The Metal" through a variety of mediums, but I would recommend the video game to get the full experience.

Tenacious D - The Metal

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