Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caught On Tape: Rude Boys - 'My Kinda Girl'

I've been a little stuck on my early 90's nostalgia as of late, and have lost some of my usual eclectic flavor. As such, I promise to move forward and find something else to write about into 2008. But not before I present my next video...

The Rude Boys emerged into the rising New Jack Swing movement through the support of Gerald LeVert, and first hit the scene in 1990 on the back of their single "Written All Over Your Face."

In 1992, the R&B quartet returned with another soulful ditty, "My Kinda Girl." Complete with high-top fades and superbly catchy "nah nah nah nah nah"s, the Rude Boys peaked at #4 on the Pop charts.

The video plays from the lyrical detailing of the ideal woman. Though likely offensive to some, the playfully humorous video shows the guys chilling by the pool in their brightly-colored pants, sipping on drinks and singing their hearts out. All the while, an attractive (albeit ditzy) woman in fashionwear attempts to do all the chores, from mowing the lawn to scrubbing the pool deck. What a bunch of rude boys. Any thoughts of male chauvinism and indentured servitude aside, the video is a pure slice of 90's culture.

Throw this track on the next time you have
Kid 'n Play over for a House Party.

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