Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ted's Song of the Week - 12/4/07


Here is a song I never would have heard had I not heeded the advice of my friend and fellow contributor Steve. "Dice" came across my radar while I was watching an episode of the NBC spy show Chuck. Specifically, the song made its appearance on the episode "Chuck vs. The Sandworm. Aside from the interesting storyline and multiple cliffhangers, the spy program showcases an excellent soundtrack of both popular and underground artists. However, Chuck has not cornered the market on Finley Quaye's handiwork. "Dice" made a previous appearance on The O.C.

Despite another shameless plug from the Lonely Note, I would have to say that "Dice" has enjoyed a very active life on my recent playlists. A great track for a rainy day mix.

Finley Quaye - Dice

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