Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lennon's Locks Up For Sale

Wednesday will mark the day when die-hard Beatles fans get their first chance to bid on a lock of John Lennon's hair during an auction in southern England. The Walrus included the hair within a copy of his book A Spaniard in the Works and gave it to his hairdresser, Betty Glasow, as a gift.

Glasow has donated the book and hair to be auctioned off so that real Beatle's enthusiasts could appreciate and take care of the rare collectibles. The book/hair combo is reputed to fetch as much as $6200 at auction.

here to read the full story.


Anonymous said...

Do you think it worth $6200 dollars for his hair? How much pieces can you get with the money?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How do you know its his hair a dna certificate ?

Anonymous said...

wow $6200 it's a big amount.
I think only a maniac could spend them for such cause..

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