Monday, March 05, 2007

Breakfast With Korn

Attention all Korn fans:

Catch "
Breakfast With Korn," a live event that will be presented Tuesday, March 6, between 8-10 am PST and broadcast on the world famous KROQ. This event will feature intimate performances by the band, as well as several interviews, all from a secret location!

Everyone has the opportunity to catch this sure-to-be groundbreaking performance by going to
AT&T's Blue Room music site. After this live set has commenced, the AT&T Blue Room will be looping the broadcast for up to 24 additional hours for those who were unable to catch the original airing. Additionally, the interviews will be archived for permanent access.

If you can't experience Korn live, and in person, enjoy the next best thing: "Breakfast With Korn" via AT&T's Blue Room, Tuesday March 6 at 8am PST.

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