Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Intense Eyes of Matthew Sweet

You just never can tell what some random browsing of YouTube will provide a music-savvy user such as myself. After checking out their network for a few moments, I stumbled upon this so-called "rare footage" of power pop master, Matthew Sweet, in an interview from 1989.

The half-minute video is apparently an excerpt from a show known as Alternate Beat, a program that aired on local access cable in
Cleveland, Ohio during the time just before College Radio hit the mainstream. And to echo the comments of user Operanaka1 on the YouTube page, Mr. Sweet does appear to have an "intense look" emitting from his eyes.

One of my favorite Matthew Sweet songs is 'Sick of Myself,' and you can listen to it here:

Otherwise, you can view the interview video from '89 below:

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