Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jamiroquai - 'Seven Days In Sunny June'

OK, I'm not one to rush out to see most films upon release to theater. In fact, I'm not even one who waits for the release to DVD. No, I'm one who usually is begrudgingly persuaded by a friend or loved one to invest two hours into watching a movie that everyone else has been raving about for the past year or so long after the production has been removed from the new release racks of most video stores.

Usually, I'm not impressed, and I end up regretting that the last two hours of my life I spent watching the movie are a couple I will never get back again. But sometimes, the movie-watching experience is strangely worth my while.

The latter affair is exactly what happened to me when I watched The Devil Wears Prada via my girlfriend's Netflix selection. Not only was the movie unexpectedly entertaining for me, but the soundtrack was surprisingly delectable as well.

One track by Jamiroquai known as 'Seven Days in Sunny June' particularly struck my fancy. Not straying too far from the typical Jamiroquai form, the song renders a punctual reflection of the world of the fashionista; chilled out and jazzy, the melody is all things cosmopolitan.

While you may not agree with my sentiments regarding the film, I hope you share my opinion when it comes to the tune:

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Anonymous said...

Steve, you are clicking on all my old cylinders this month I guess. Jamiroquai has been one of my fav groups even before Five for Fighting came along with the classic voice front to a jazzy uptempo beat. I appreciated your comments on my last post and while not wanting to appear too "with it" or "full of it" I could share the story of having dinner with Amy Grant in Cedar Rapids before her concert or being backstage at a Janet Jackson concert in KC where her body guards had stun guns or in LA where they had automatic weapons. It was great to be a roadie "groupie" for even a short time. I am letting a local garage band use my shop bldg. and able to practice on the drums but would give my football career to be musical. If I'd have spent as much time practicing on an instrument as I did sports I'd be happier now.... So don't waste time watching movies......