Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Caught On Tape: Naturally 7 - "Feel It (In the Air Tonight)"

Here's a thoroughly entertaining video that has been blowing up online lately. I'm perfectly sure I'm not the first to link to it, but hey, as a fan of a'capella, beatboxing, and of course the mighty Phil Collins, this track was just too hard to pass up.

The group is Naturally 7, an R&B/Gospel septet hailing from NYC. All of the instruments the band plays - percussion, bass, keyboard, guitar, and horns - are made solely from vocal rhythms and harmonies. The band calls this style "vocal play" as opposed to "a'cappella," to represent that they don't merely sing without instruments, but AS instruments. Naturally 7 seems to bring a heightened spiritual and emotional level to the music, and the result is not only catchy, but physically impressive.

The group's single takes on the often-sampled chorus of Phil Collin's classic "In the Air Tonight." Naturally 7 have garnered a strong European following, and the rumor surrounding this video is that it was filmed on board a Parisian subway train. To my knowledge, the group's new album, Ready II Fly, has been released in Europe for a couple months now, but has yet to make a U.S. appearance.

Here's the link to the group's official music video for the song. The official version has significantly better audio quality, but I still find the mass transit version alot more fun.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the train video is superior. The spontaneous sharing and style is great. I always admired the doo wop groups that could harmonize together and felt that was true music because it came from the heart. Plus there has to be a place for the backbeat bassman to a make a sound a gain and a gain.... Keep up the sharing... As Steve always says, "peace out".