Friday, March 23, 2007

Louis XIV - 'All the Little Pieces'

You haven't forgotten about Louis XIV already have you? No, not the French king--the band that broke it big for about ten minutes last year with their minor hit 'Finding Out True Love is Blind?'

While most of The Best Little Secrets Are Kept was, indeed, entirely forgettable, there was one other song on that album that I can still find myself humming on any given day. 'All the Little Pieces' echoes the studio effects mastered on 'I Am the Walrus,' but provides a much more profound bridge than 'Walrus' does. At nearly five minutes long, the song starts slow and boring, but garners enough momentum to lead into a somewhat smashing crescendo in the midsection of the track. 'All the Little Pieces' is a song you must listen to uninterrupted from beginning to end to appreciate.

Dig in to 'All the Little Pieces' below:

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