Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

From the Catholic Norwegian-Irish guy (Yes, there IS such a combination!!), I wish everybody a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whether or not your day is spent sipping green beer, or chowing down on corned beef, I hope it is a joyous occasion.

While not everybody is as enamoured with
St. Patrick's attempt at ridding the Emerald Isle of snakes as I am, we can at least appreciate some Irish-originated music. And of course, what is more stereotypical than some U2!!

But even U2 is a little hokey for some of us
Hibernian-Americans. In expectation of just such a case, I've provided some Grade-A Dropkick Murphys. ---Some 'Shipping Off to Boston' to be exact.

Leave it to an Italian director to select some of the best Irish music ever, huh??

Again, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of our readers!!

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