Monday, April 12, 2021

JUNGLE - 'Keep Moving'

JUNGLE continues to release some of my favorite music videos.  

The London-based group's laid-back falsetto funk first caught on with 2014's hit, "Busy Earnin'".

Translating their electronic dance sounds into a seven-piece live band also gained the band considerable acclaim and a following on the concert circuit.  But for me, it's their straightforward but original choreographed videos that keep me coming back.  Seriously, I could just go to the group's YouTube channel now and get stuck watching their videos all afternoon.

And no exception is JUNGLE's latest single, "Keep Moving".  The song itself isn't a departure from the sound that the group's fans have come to expect, mixing string arrangements, relaxed grooves and a funky bassline into a mix that's equally as suitable for the dancefloor as it is for chilling out afterwards.

The video enters with a single woman and an abandoned prison, building up to a full on choreographed group dance.  The plot needn't go any deeper from there, as the joy is in the movement and atmosphere itself.  So, take a 5:21 break from your day and watch the latest from JUNGLE below:

JUNGLE's forthcoming album, Loving In Stereo, is set for release in August 2021.  You can preorder it today, at

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