Monday, May 01, 2006

Artist Spotlight: Demeter

Demeter may claim London as its home, but it was in Seattle's grunge scene that frontwoman Anna Mercedes went through her musical teething. In her take on the band's origins, Anna tells the surrealistic upbringing of a child raised amidst a recording studio, surrounded by famous musicians. She writes of her adventures moving from Seattle to New York, and from New York to London. There's no denying an interesting story behind Demeter's formation.

Anna Mercedes, heroin-chic temptress of the microphone, formed Demeter alongside electro-rocker Andy Chatterly of the London band The Droyds, and the two have since rounded out the band into a standard five-piece lineup. The band records and performs in its own warehouse studio, allowing for the ultimate artistic freedom. Demeter's music combines the rough edges of grunge with the electronic sounds of early 80's pioneers. The result is a style and image that is dark, yet easily accessible via an astute pop sensibility. To generalize, Demeter might fall somewhere between Blondie and Garbage. I've been especially drawn to their new single 'Addict,' which was officially released last week.

You can check out this track, along with several others on the band's Myspace page, and several are also featured on their official website. Be sure to follow-up on the rest of the band's biography while you're there, and look out for an album release this summer.

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