Thursday, May 11, 2006

Caught On Tape: Live - 'I Alone'

Live's late-1994 video for the hard rockin' single 'I Alone' was... to say the least, a bit odd. Filmed almost entirely in one scene, complete with fake tree and a mock desert landscape, it relied heavily on the band to keep things moving. Neither the guitar nor the bass appears plugged in to any electrical outlet, yet the intensity of the instruments can be felt. Singer Ed Kowalczyk, sans shirt, carries his frontman duties with authority; twisting and gyrating feverishly to the music. His bald head is accentuated by a long, braided ponytail, which he flails around in-synch with his wide-eyed facial contortions. Perhaps the one member who really makes the whole video come together is the drummer, who, lacking a drumset, is left to wander and bounce around aimlessly. Occasionally, he will attempt to share the foreground with Kowalczyk, but old Ed is far too entranced and spasmodic to pay him notice.

All of these moments helped make the video for 'I Alone' another staple for alternative rock in the 90's.

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Anonymous said...

Great song. Bad video. Like the site, and keep up the good work.