Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ted's Song of the Week - 5/23/06

The Adventure
Angels and Airwaves
We Don't Need To Whisper

Angels and Airwaves have produced a winner with their debut effort We Don't Need To Whisper. I've been listening to the newly released album all day and it has truly been a struggle to pinpoint what track I like the best. Unfortunately, I had to narrow the candidates down to "The Adventure" for the song of the week, but it very easily could have been any one of the tracks on the album. It's that good!
One of the coolest things about "The Adventure" is that it's constantly changing in flow. There is a perfect balance of driving beats and guitars reminiscient of
The Edge (U2) with the ethereal breakdowns of singer/guitarist Tom Delonge delivering the chorus. A great song for those listeners with ADD.
Delonge has been bouncing back and forth between
Blink-182 and Boxcar Racer for the last couple years, and while both bands have been successful, I believe that his latest stint with Angels and Airwaves could be the musical niche he's been seeking. This is his chance to experiment with a more mature style of music without pandering to his pop-punk audience
Alongside Delonge, former members of
The Offspring and The Distillers round out the band to create a poor man's "supergroup." Check out the band's website and myspace page to learn more.

Angels and Airwaves - The Adventure

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