Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday Roundup: Snow Patrol Vid, Radiohead Leaks & Rising Gas Prices

Well, it's the middle of the week, and time for a flurry of music news:

Watch the New Snow Patrol Video!

Last month I
mentioned how I really enjoyed Snow Patrol's 'Hands Open.' (For a stream to that song click here). Now, if you head over to you can view the video to that very tune. In my opinion the visual is merely average. And there's this part where this bus looks like it's going to hit Gary Lightbody, but ends up looking only like a cheesy computer graphic instead.

Aside from the video, 'Hands Open' is incredible. It is certainly one of my favorite tunes of 2006.

Radiohead Songs Leaked

Word has it that if you search hard enough throughout Radiohead fan sites you'll be able to find leaked copies of some of their new songs. The tunes were performed at London's KOKO on May 1. I'd think about posting them here, but I wouldn't want Thom Yorke calling me a "baby" and a "whiner." (It's a South Park reference).

Indie Bands Can't Afford Gas Either

Check out this article for information on how some indie bands are scrounging to pay for gas just so they can tour. Look for merchandise and tickets to your favorite rockers' shows to go up in price in order to compensate for the more expensive petrol.

Well, there ya have it--music news handpicked by the Stevester himself. To all you college students out there bustin' tail for finals: GOOD LUCK! And to all the rest of you hard workers, Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner ;)

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