Thursday, May 04, 2006

Caught On Tape: Stan Bush is BACK!!

In the 80's, there were your run-of-the-mill movie soundtracks, featuring inspirational power ballads... and then there was STAN BUSH. As you may recall from my Bloodsport soundtrack review, Stan Bush took the art of motivational songwriting to unfathomed levels. Last night, while watching VanDamme's second greatest movie, Kickboxer, I rejoiced in Stan Bush's classics 'Streets of Siam', 'Fight for Love' and 'Never Surrender.'

For this week's Caught On Tape, I have chosen to celebrate this artist's extensive film soundtrack repertoire by featuring the music video to his song 'The Touch' - also known as the theme to 1986's The Transformers: The Movie. The epic proportions of Bush's music not only encapsulate the points the movies are trying to make - they take the movies beyond the screen, and into our hearts.

If you can think of The Transformers: The Movie and not sing "You got the touch! You got the powwweerr!" than you obviously don't invest enough of yourself in the films you watch. And in that case, a dose of Stan Bush is exactly what you need to get yourself going. If Stan Bush was a beverage, he would be a can of Rockstar Energy Drink. And 'The Touch' would be its themesong. I'm sure that even Optimus Prime and Megatron could agree with each other on that one.

When it came to soundtracks, Stan Bush had 'The Touch.'

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