Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday Roundup: Musical Shoes, Billy Talent & The Idol Crown

Nike Teams Up With The Apple iPod

It seems everything has to be "
iPod compatible" these days. From automobiles with docking stations to toilet paper dispensers (see Top 10 Strangest iPod Accessories), the sleek MP3 device is making inroads into all sorts of markets. Today, the sneaker is no exception. Nike has announced plans to produce a Nike+ line of shoes that can "talk" to the wearer's iPod. For joggers, the connected iPod can display/store performance information as well as play songs containing beats compatible with the running pace. Think of some 'Enter Sandman' kicking in during that final, closing kilometer, for instance.

Visit for further details.

Billy Talent Nominated For Video Award

People still care about
Billy Talent? Apparently the Canadians do. Canadian music channel, MuchMusic, has nominated the band for a top-spot video music award. The winners will be announced June 18.

Will Taylor Hicks Win Idol?

As of this writing, the '
American Idol' finale is still in broadcast. Surprisingly, the producers have made the two hour time slot pretty interesting. Chris Daughtry rocked the stage with Live, Burt Bacharach has made an appearance, Bucky dressed up in a suit, and Clay Aiken proved that there are actually people out there douchier than he is. Projections have Taylor winning this season's competition over Katharine McPhee pretty handily. But as history as shown, nothing is ever certain as far as this particular contest is concerned. I guess the world will find out the results in only a few minutes.

There ya have it. Have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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