Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday Roundup: Rock Dominates, Goodbye Chris & Music Scrapes of the Week

Rock Takes #1, #2 Spots on Billboard

Progressive metalers Tool and veteran grungers Pearl Jam took the top two spots on this week's Billboard Top 200. The former moved over half a million albums in its first week. It was quite refreshing for me to see that two great bands who created such enduring music during the 90s still have a tremendous following here in the new century. I can attest from personal experience that the top distinctions are well deserved by both groups.

A Tearful Goodbye to Chris Daughtry

In a shocker fit for a season finale of 'Knots Landing', edgy rocker Chris Daughtry was voted off of 'American Idol' tonight. The look on his face could not hide his valid disappointment. I know there are a troop of Chris fans out there who feel he got robbed, and I'm one of them. I guess I must now transfer my loyalty to Taylor Hicks, the Joe Cockeresque rocker from Alabama, for the 'Idol crown.' Here's hoping.

Music and Video Selections

Fellow contributor Tae recently added some
Jose Gonzalez to our radio station. Now you can download additional tunage by that same artist here.

Also, the video for
The Zuton's 'Valerie' is available here. Much of it takes place in jail.

Stay safe, and remember to wish your moms a Happy Mothers' Day this Sunday. Stevecrest. Out.

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