Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Happy New Year From the Lonely Note: A Brief Retrospective

2005 came and went, and for the Lonely Note its first near-year in existence was a good one. Begun haphazardly as a way to remedy boredom and discuss music at the same time, little could we have imagined how far our "hobby" would have taken us. In the 11 months we've maintained this little site, we've received over 10,000 visits from music lovers all over the world. Quite a feat for four amateur music enthusiasts. A brief synopsis of "key" events in our first year are below:

In late January I presented our readers with the innagural post. It was simply titled Steve's Welcome, and it wasn't anything special. From there, Tae, Ted and myself blurbed about whatever musical interests came to mind. Tae wrote his first music review on the forgotten God Lives Underwater, and Ted introduced his first Song of the Week in February. March and April churned on steadily, but slowly for the site, with continuous updates of reviews and news. In May I had an epiphany. June was a welcome change of pace for the site and for the music world as a whole. Not only were a record number of posts published, but I found out what Reggaeton was. July and August continued to see the site's depth grow, and it was during this period that gave us props. September brought to New Orleans a devastating hurricane, but it also brought us our fourth contributor Hank. October, November and December closed out 2005, and for awhile during this time period it seemed like the Lonely Note's momentum had died for good. With freed up schedules due to the holidays, however, the site gained its second wind and maintained a steady pace throughout the rest of the year.

With a new year on the horizon, exciting opportunities to serve our readers await. While it is true we created The Lonely Note as a way to entertain ourselves, it is quite rewarding to serve all of you other music lovers out there as well---in whatever capacity that may be. On behalf of the other contributors, we thank you all for everthing you do...from being dedicated readers, to simply clicking on the google ad in the upper right corner to supply us with some minor monetary compensation ;)

Happy 2006, and may this new year be even more exciting for the Lonely Note as 2005 was!

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