Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Non-Music Post: Chris Penn Dead??

Apparently I missed the memo regarding actor Chris Penn's death. I was browsing through the top news stories on, when on the front page I saw a headline that read "Autopsy Doesn't Find Why Chris Penn Died" ---like it's well-known news or something. Either way, I'm disappointed to hear the news 'cause I was really looking forward to his upcoming performance in the rumoured Footloose II, the sequel to one of the greatest music movies of all time. ...Behind Purple Rain of course.

Seriously though, as a
Tarantino film fan, it is sad to see that one of my favorite gangster personalities from Resevoir Dogs is no longer with us. He also played a pretty good role as a cop in the Tarantino-penned True Romance as well. And although he certainly didn't get the spotlight as much as his more famous brother Sean, I still think the guy was one hell of an actor.

Back to the music...

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