Monday, January 23, 2006

While You're At It: Pick This Up

The Most Terrifying Thing

Liverpool's TMTT is, at its core, a hard rock band. The band formed largely because of a shared affinity for the grunge era, with Nirvana said to be a direct influence in frontman Christopher Price's decision to make music. With this said, it should be noted that TMTT does not simply sink into the endless sea of Nirvana ripoffs that have somehow milked the grunge movement dry for the last fifteen years. No, the most interesting 'thing' about The Most Terrifying Thing is that they are able to blur several genre lines and still manage to sound familiar. In this sense, they possess the ability to sound like mainstream rock radio whilst maintaining somewhat of a fresh indie status. Their attention to cross-Atlantic rock movements put them in position to create something that transcends the usual tendency to lump bands into categories.

In 'Pop Song', the band ties elements of mid-90's hard rock in with the song structures of a U.K. garage band. What can be found with all of the tracks on their debut, Victoriana, is a hard rock emphasis in the rhythm section, as well as an awareness of solid pop songwriting. The combination of straight-forward rock and more experimental aspects generally works in the band's favor. Whether it is to an err or an advantage, the vocals tend to roam a territory somewhere between Better Than Ezra and Default. What does work very well for the vocals is that they occassionally shift into a higher range; as heard on the track "Enemy in Me." U.K. style post-grunge with an experimental twist, TMTT should be an easy listen for those who enjoy alternative hard rock in a similar vein to Sinch.

Victoriana is due for a renewed release date come January 30th. More information on the band can be found at the band's website and myspace.

Other key tracks: 'Always in the Way' and '80's Love Affair'

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