Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hear Your Favorite Satanic Messages!!

There was once a time when record players were the preferred medium of playing music, but the introduction of the compact disc sent many a turntable to the dusty corner of the attic. The switch to CD players put such fads as playing music backward out of style. As a result, the search for hidden messages was all but impossible without a record player....until now.

The art of backmasking is defined as "a supposed subliminal message hidden in an audio recording that is only fully apparent when played backwards." Many of these subliminal messages were rumored to be satanic, in nature. We know, of course, that the common CD player does not have the ability to play tracks backward. However, current computer software is now available to do such a task.

Jeff Milner, a Canadian college student, hosts a website that allows visitors to play the hidden messages of songs from popular artists like Queen, the Beatles, the Eagles, and Britney Spears. The site offers interpretations of the messages, but one should feel free to draw other conclusions.

My personal favorite is the backmasking of the Beatles' "I'm So Tired," from the White Album. The part of the song, if played normally, is incipherable nonsense. When played backward, the interpreted message sounds like: "Paul is a dead man. Miss him, miss him, miss him."

To check out the website, click here.


Tae said...

In other recommended listening: The song 'Backmask' by Mindless Self Indulgence is a personal favorite. When listened to normally, the lyrics tell you to "go kill yourself." The song ends with voices speaking backwards. When listened to from end to beginning, the voice tells you to "clean your room" and "do your homework." I found this to be, not only humorous, but an intelligent twist on the idea of recorded music.

Anonymous said...

One of the best maskers is Jeff Lynne of ELO fame,try Fire on High from the Face The Music album,I think every ELO album has secret mesasages,including the album by the same name which was titled so after all the satanic charges were levied at good stuff huh!