Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Zach Rogue's Wave

Zach Rogue's previously one-man-act now consists of three other people. While the recording of his second album Descended Like Vultures occurred prior to its October 2005 release, collaboration with Gram Lebron on several different tunes convinced Rogue that having other bandmates might not be so bad. Gram is now part of Rogue Wave, along with Patrick Spurgeon and Evan Farrell.

The band has spent the last year touring vigorously and each member claims to have a different song they enjoy playing live. Rogue Wave leader Zach stakes claim to the soon-to-be-released 'Publish My Love,' and Patrick to 'California.' Evan, on the other hand, takes pleasure in performing 'Are You On My Side.' Gram is fond of 'Medicine Ball.'

Despite differences in song faves, the cohesive force binding this band together is its mutual commitment to quality live performances no matter what the track. The band is also loyal to fans, and are known to pack their own equipment after shows just so they can converse with audience members. Such grassroots ideals seem popular with the crowds, and Rogue Wave sold out club shows in DC and New York in 2005.

With such an appetite for performance, is there any possibility for new recordings in 2006? Zach Rogue responds:

I'm not one to make resolutions,but, I'd like to spend the first three-quarters of the year performing, and the last quarter of the year recording. Maybe I'll go into a cabin to write...grow a long beard.

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