Friday, April 14, 2006

Daniel Powter's 'Bad Day' Is Giving Me a Bad Day

So the horrible Bucky was finally ousted from the list of American Idol finalists on Wednesday, and I couldn't be happier...except for one thing: What is up with that horrible Daniel Powter song that always has to play when a contestant gets offed? Seriously, the song is not only horrible, but also doesn't make any sense.

"So you had a bad day?" Trust me---having a bad day doesn't consist of making it to the top 8 of American Idol out of thousands of contestants and finally getting voted off after tons of national exposure. No, having a bad day consists of finding out you lost your job when you have a family of four to feed. Or finding out that you have cancer on the day you receive your acceptance letter to law school. In fact, refer to
Alanis Morrisette's 'Ironic' for a number of countless 'bad day' scenarios.

You know, it would be more humane if American Idol gave each losing contestant his/her own favorite song as its parting gift---kind of like how a
death row inmate gets to dictate his/her last meal. Bucky could have had a Toby Keith song, and Mandisa could have had Aretha Franklin. I'm not sure what Chicken Little look-alike Kevin Covais would have picked. Maybe a song off of the soundtrack to Rent? Either way, at least the losing contestants could go out with dignity, rather than be subjected to that abhorable song by the guy who shares a last name with that stupid movie about albinos.

Would this song have gained as much airplay had it not been featured on a show that garners a combined forty million viewers every Tuesday and Wednesday night? I think not.

But then again, maybe the song is what it takes to beat Desperate Housewifes?

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Anonymous said...

Have not watched it yet. But I was told it is not that good.