Thursday, April 06, 2006

A new face for AIC

The resurrection of Alice In Chains is almost complete with the recent confirmation of a new lead singer. William DuVall (Comes With The Fall) has been selected to take over the lead vocals for the grunge band. However, this recent addition to the band may not be the last. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell has expressed interest in bringing other musicians to the fold.

"The door's open to invite anybody. We'd like anybody to be a part of it. There's tons of guys that we love and that Layne loved, you know, that we'd love to be a part of this on a part-time basis."

In addition, AIC manager has stated that there will be “a few surprises” to look forward to on the forthcoming European tour.

Rest assured. There will be plenty of AIC updates to come.

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Anonymous said...

how can a group have a member with a name like "Fergal"? don't cranberries exist in bogs? what is the link? nice narrative on the topic. the site keeps getting better. wish i could see the videos on my vic 20...