Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Snow Patrol's Newest Single

With yesterday's New Music Tuesday, I was able to acquire Snow Patrol's 'Hands Open.' (Yes, I realize all the Indie Trash blogs posted the mp3 to this song last week. However, I have a life).

Needless to say, they've mainstreamed their sound with catchier hooks and more uptempo beats on this single.

Count on this song cracking the top 40 playlist of a
Clear Channel station near you.

Snow Patrol - 'Hands Open'

The new album Eyes Open releases May 9 here in the States.


Anonymous said...

ooh, i like this song. it has a very mid90s sound...can we hope the 90s are back?

Steve said...

Cue VH1's 'I Love The 90's' theme song here.

And yes, I would not complain if the 90s returned.

Anonymous said...

you can never go back..... but you can rekindle the flame inside that feeds your passions. we all have our music playing on the cerebral mp3.....